Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Shot in the Dark

Sometimes it's fun to take pictures at night from a moving vehicle and make up names for them when you view them - it's like looking at clouds and seeing recognizable shapes in them. If you try this technique, it's advisable that someone other than yourself be the driver, for obvious reasons.

"The Protest"

I thought this looked like an angry mob.


It wasn't a tunnel, but it looks like it was. It was snowing.

"Frosty's Great Escape"

This was a lit Christmas decoration in someone's yard.

"The Flight"

Lights along the river bank looked like a flock of birds taking flight.

"Photography has not changed since its origin except
in its technical aspects,
which for me are not important."
~ Henri Cartier-Bresson ~

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K2 said...

LOVE The Protest and The Great Escape! Will have to try this too. I might have some already tho since we always go looking at Christmas lights and I have the shakes alot when taking pics..LOL. Thanks for the idea Janet!