Friday, October 26, 2007


(Canon DSLR 30D and 85mm f1.8 USM)

I'm not a professional photographer, but I became interested in photography in a big way when I got my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 900S. I could experiment with taking pictures to my heart's content and not worry about ruining or running out of film! Several digital cameras and a couple DSLRs are in my bag of tools now.

What you'll see here are images created In My Own Backyard, so to speak. Each of us is surrounded by beauty wherever we are - we have only to open our eyes, learn to see what the camera sees and find interesting ways of capturing all that beauty. Recently, a new pup came to live with us. Ahhhh, a new and fun subject to photograph! All of her pictures will be put in a digital scrapbook and some will make it to this blog.

Since we are experiencing a pretty autumn season here in the Midwest in the USA, it is fitting that my first image depicts some of that beauty.

Here is Sadie. How could we resist this sweet little girl? Isn't she the cutest little dog? She's a cross between a toy fox terrier and a beagle.

(Sony DSC H2)

One of her ornery looks - she keeps the house filled with laughter. If it's true that laughter extends one's life-expectancy, then we extended ours by 20 years when we brought this little character home with us:

(Canon 30D with 100mm f 2.8 USM Macro)

And here she is today at approximately 20 weeks of age. After seeing this look I decided I'd better look around the house to see if she'd done something bad. No, she hadn't, so I think she just wanted a hug. She's so cute when she gets one of these expressions that we pick her up and hug her. Hmmmm, who's doing the training around here?

(Canon 30D with 85mm f1.8 USM)

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
~ Dorothea Lange ~


Martywoos said...

Again, Janet you hit the mark on the leaves. I can't wait till you get more of your wonderful phtos up for us to see. You have a wonderful eye for seeing great shots and an ability to focus on the best of the best. Awaiting more photos and congrats on your blog. Your gonna have fun with this one.

Town61 said...

Gorgeous picture - I will be back to see what you post here, thanks for sharing!!

Lynn :-)

Jamie said...

Hi Janet: I love your photos and I think it's great that you started a blog. Tell Hubby I said hello!

Niki said...

Oh a place where we can come and see your gorgeous pics! This is just what I was waiting for!!!

K2 said...

Gorgeous photo! I KNOW you have been taking gorgeous photos for several yrs now. I remember seeing them at DSP...beautiful! Can't wait to see thinking i need a new lens and some lessons...LOL.

Coming from Maine said...

Terrific Janet, This is a great way to share those photos you take and display so well. And, we can keeps tabs on Sadie. She's a gem. Know what you mean about more laughter in the house!

Hugs, Jeanne

JoAnn said...

Too adorable! I am loving the blog....