Monday, October 29, 2007

Pets (Not Mine)

It's hard to decide which images to post on any given day. I have so many I want to put here. Photos are made to be shared. Today I decided to show a few images I took of other people's pets. The first image is of Sammy. She came to stay with us for a week in June while her family was on vacation. In September she died of an unknown cause. Her family came home and found her on the floor. No warning. It was heartbreaking. She was not an old dog. Today's images are in memory of Sammy. (That's nail polish on her toenail, in case you are wondering.)

This is Truffles. She wasn't about to let go of that bone! She's a Mi-Ki, a new breed of dog. She belongs to a neighbor who raises Mi-Kis. If you are interested in having a Mi-Ki as part of your family, leave a comment and I will put you in touch with the breeder.

This is Fat Cat. He earned his name. Isn't he beautiful?

This is Sam. He isn't allowed to ride in the front seat unless he wears a seat belt, which he happily does so he can be close to his owner. You will see more pictures of Sam. He belongs to a family member and he comes to visit occasionally. Sadie loves him.

That's all for today. I didn't list the cameras used to take these images as they are older, already edited images, and I didn't save the EXIF data with the files. If someone is really interested, I will look up the original image to find the information. I have several ideas for my blog. I love to make close-up and macro images and am planning to put some information here, for anyone interested, that will explain how I set up some of my shots, what things I buy for props, etc. Believe me, I've set up my little close-up studio on a shoestring - except for the camera equipment. That's another story. We won't talk about that. *SMILE* Have a great day!

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. "
~ Anne Frank ~


coming from Maine said...

Recognize some of these sweeties. I love photographing animals too. There's no such thing as a posed shot; they are all candid.. At least I think so.
Great pix, Janet. Looking forward to more.
Hugs, Jeanne

Janet said...

Thanks, Jeanne!

You're right about that - animal shots are all candid. You never know what they're going to do next so you have to be quick. He who hesitates loses the shot. :-) This also applies to little 2-legged creatures (kids).

I have plenty of animal pictures left to share and I'm SURE a lot more will be taken. The best ones will make it to the blog.